How to effectively manage your Twitter time

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It does not matter if you are a public figure or somebody that spends a lot of time on internet in general and Twitter in special, it doesn’t matter if you are only one or you are a team of people following an online marketing campaign: managing your followers and friend on Twitter is not easy, especially when you are having hundreds or thousands of them. Or worse: hundreds of thousands. You can easily become overwhelmed by all the content, questions, information, direct messages, comments, friend requests, suggestions and ideas that your friends and followers are sharing or sending you on (almost) daily basis. You may identify this bad swamping feeling as social media oveload. It’s a fact that your success ratio and influence power is directly proportion to how active your followers are but it’s also known that this can turn against you if you don’t handle it right: you wouldn’t do anything else but Twitter.

So, there are a few strategies and tools you can use in order to effectively manage your Twitter time and all the information from that social networks.

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