The worst times of year for computer virus attacks

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I am sure most of us know what computer viruses are, at least as general idea. Some of you may know how the viruses are propagating from one computer or another over internet or from one file to another inside a computer. I am not interested to share you details about this, it’s a subject for another article. But you should know at least 2 things: when you are receiving a funny and strange email or massage (on any channel of communication over internet) you should check it twice before reading any mail, downloading any file or accessing any page. The second think to know is there is no bulletproof antivirus software. There are always appearing new viruses, some of them are mutating, learning as they propagate. So always update your antivirus software.

Some people will say for sure that an virus attack is always an attack, no matter the period of the year it happens. The lost of time, energy and data is always the same, no matter it’s spring or autumn, summer or winter, day or night.